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Taylor Bro of the “John Wayne Bros”

Man of the people – Taylor Bro

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don’t try and be perfect. No one is and it is boring anyway. haha <3

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Go by your gut

I have a lot of actors ask me for advice on everything from head shots, classes, to the audition process, etc. They all want to know “The business” of acting. Everyone including myself has a different opinion of how things should be handled. I once sat on a panel of CDs for an agency and the actors asked us all questions.
My answers differed from every other CD on that panel. The questions ranged from whether to give gifts to CDs or send unsolicited headshots to the office and on and on. You can take what you want and leave the rest but at the end of the day it is your gut that will guide you. Meaning, inside yourself you know what you have to do. YOUR ideas are amazing. IF you have questions, which we all do, then ask someone who you respect the way they live their life and handle their business and are successful. Look to whom you are turning to for help and choose wisely. Do they have what you want? You need people around you to support that strength you have inside yourself not the other way around.

I believe if you want something, TRULY want something if you work hard and never ever give up you can have it.

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